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Whole Beef- Deposit

If beef is a year-round staple for your family then this choice is for you! This purchase is to reserve one full grain-finished beef for a total of $3249 to The Beef Boutique. Customers select a whole beef every year, whether it's all for them, like we do in our family, or they are splitting it with another family.

A whole beef is your very best value. This option is our lowest price per pound package and it gives you complete control over your desired cuts. This option includes custom cutting where you will work directly with Lemoore Meat Locker to choose your desired cuts and packaging options. We also offer to work with you for additional help in making these decisions. While the weight varies by animal, over the last number of years, the average final packaged weight that you will take home has been greater than 400 pounds of beef. 

    • Recommended for medium to large families or those whom enjoy cooking for a crowd 
    • Will take up almost all of a large freezer (20 cu.ft.)
    • Custom cut + wrap to your specifications
    • Customer will pay Lemoore Meat Locker directly for the cut and wrap. They charge .60 cents per pound of hanging weight (before carcass is cut) for freezer paper or .80 cents a pound hanging weight for the vacuum pack. This will roughly be about $500 but will vary depending on the weight of your animal.
    • Whole beef orders require a non-refundable $999 deposit to The Beef Boutique to secure your order.
    • Customer responsible for pickup at the butcher
    • LOCAL ONLY- or those willing to travel to pickup at the butcher shop
    • Beef will be ready January 2021, give or take 1-2 months. We want to finish your animal to the perfect weight to maximize your take-home which is why this is a fluid timeframe. 

This is your opportunity to FILL YOUR FREEZER full of beef for a great price. 

You are buying this animal from The Beef Boutique on a live basis. We will evenly split the remainder cost of ($2250) into 2-4 payments (your choice) due in full before harvest. Once paid in full, the animal will be harvested and delivered to Lemoore Meat Locker. It will be your responsibility to work with Lemoore Meat Locker to choose your cuts and then pickup when the beef is ready. They will dry age to 14 days with no additional charge. If you'd like to dry age longer, you can set that up with them for a small fee. 

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