Return Your Box


As a small business, we so appreciate being able to reuse our custom insulated liners over and over again! They are a huge expense when it comes to shipping beef so getting them back to re-use ensure we will be around for a long time to come :).

OPTION 1: The Post Office (USPS)

You can send a box back through the post office using the “Media Mail Rate” (it will take 8-10 days via snail mail but that is okay with us!) Simply place a used book inside (it has to be a book not a magazine - we will donate this to our local community), remove any notes and dry ice bag from inside the box, cover up the dry ice and perishable stickers on the outside of the box and take to your local post office to mail back to us for $6-$8. You can also send Priority Mail or “Retail Ground” but Media Mail Rate will be the cheapest. 

Address to send it to is provided on the white sticker inside your beef box.

Once we receive your box we will send you a code for one FREE pound of ground beef to use on your next order. If you don't receive your code within a few days, email us at 


We can provide a UPS return label to leave the box(es) on your porch for pick up or you can take them to a UPS shipping center. The UPS label costs us a little more than the price of the liner, so we require that you save 2-4 of the boxes of the same size to stack and tape together as one box (since they are so light empty) before you ship them back. The liners are the most valuable part of the box, so you can also pack one liner inside a second box/liner and recycle the first cardboard box. Email to print a return UPS label!

Address to send it to is provided on the white sticker inside your beef box.

 Thank you! This helps us keep costs down!