Buying/Shipping Beef Q&A

Have questions about the logistics of purchasing beef? Here you'll find your answers!

1. When can I order Dot Seven beef?

Anytime! You may order 24/7 365 here on our website as long as we have beef available! 

2. When will my beef ship? 

Because we use dry ice to keep your beef frozen, beef boxes will ship once a week. You may order any day of the week but we will ship either Monday or Tuesday for Wednesday or Thursday (at the latest) delivery. Cutoff to guarantee your beef will arrive by Thursday will be Sunday evening at 11:59pm PST. If you order after that but before we pickup dry ice, we will make every effort to get your order out the door however we cannot guarantee it.  

3. How long will it take for my beef to arrive at my doorstep? 

The time zone you are in will determine how fast you receive your order. We are located in California so most of the western states will receive their order the following day and the rest of the country will receive theirs 1-2 days. Rest assured there will be enough dry ice in your box to keep everything perfectly frozen for 48 hours or more. 

4. What shipping option do I choose at checkout?

To make it simple, our shipping is a flat rate based on which time zone your are in. Simply choose the time zone you reside in and that will calculate your shipping cost. Please note, this is flat rate shipping so fill that box up and make the most of the shipping cost. We recommend no less than 12-15 pounds but are able to ship any amount.  

4. If I am local, can I pickup? 

YES! There is an option at checkout for "Local Pickup" for those in our pickup zone. Once you choose that you will see a notes section where you can request a day/time and leave your phone number so we can connect. Pickup is in Clovis near Shaw/Academy or Herndon/Fowler.

5. How do I handle the dry ice?

There will be instructions on the bag. Please handle with caution. Dry ice can burn and therefore we recommend you use gloves to set it aside when unpacking your box into the freezer. Do not put the dry ice in your freezer!

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