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Topic: How Dot Seven Beef is Raised

1. What breed of cattle do you raise on the Dot Seven Ranch?

We raise premium Angus beef. We run registered Angus bulls on our Angus cows. We've spent three generations building and improving these genetics and feel we produce a premium product. Our ranch is a mostly closed herd, meaning it's a rare case for us to buy cows that were not born on our ranch. Each year we choose the best heifers to replace back into the herd. 

2. Is your beef grain or grass fed?

Here at The Beef Boutique we believe in choices. We don't however believe in fear based marketing, which is why we are offering both options based on availability. Providing beef direct to the public can be up to a two year process for a grass fed animal. We do our best to project correct quantities but sometimes we may not guess correctly and could be out of one or the other. 

3. Can you tell a difference in taste between the grain and grass fed?

Our family chooses grain finished because we believe the flavor is slightly richer. However, since harvesting some animals finished on grass from our ranch, we can't tell that much of a difference! We recommend you chose based on your own preference or, if you don't know try some of both!

4. Antibiotics. Do you use them?

Short answer, yes. However, anything that we have to give antibiotics to will be sold conventionally (and always after the required withdrawal time has elapsed). With that said, we feel that antibiotics are not something to be feared. It is our duty as ranchers to treat our cattle if/when they are sick. We work very closely with our veterinarian and have protocols put in place for these cases. Because we take great care of our animals and their nutrition, it is very, very rare that our cattle get sick. 

5. How about hormones? I see labels that say "no hormones".

Dot Seven calves are natural and receive no *added* hormones. Every living thing has hormones but we do not implant our cattle with hormones. We feel that there is a sustainability factor to the use of hormones but our girls grow their calves quickly as it is so for our specific ranch we don't use this tool.

5. Is your beef organic? 

No, our beef is not organic, however it is natural. Most beef operations are organically minded but that certification comes at a cost that we would be forced to pass on to the customer. And because there are no scientific studies that show any food is more healthful because it's organic, we choose not to certify just to make things more expensive to the customer.

6. How are your cattle handled?

On the Dot Seven Ranch, nutrition and low-stress handling practices are our main focus. We believe these are the two main things that produce the highest quality beef possible. Cattle have access to fresh water, salt and minerals 24/7 365. When we gather to work the cattle in the corrals we so do quietly and intentionally. We always consider the weather on these days and our start time depends on when the cattle will be most cool. Our cattle know the corrals are not a place to be scared, we teach them to work slowly through the alleys and chute. When cattle are brought to the corrals it's for things like routine health checks, vaccinations, branding, if a cow needs assistance giving birth, and the very occasional doctoring. 

7. What certification do you have to sell beef by the cut? 

For any beef sold by the cut after processing, it must pass USDA inspection. Both our processing facility and our beef is USDA inspected (and passed). We use a small family run locker where animals are harvested on a ranch and then taken to the locker. Our processor is the only USDA inspected mobile unit in the state. We feel that this is least stressful for the animals and are very luck to have such a great meat locker. 

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