• Wow! Awesome ribeye!

    Wow! What an awesome ribeye! It was soooo good. Jen's response: "I love Brooke's steak!" We completed the meal with scalloped potatoes and brussel sprouts. Yum!
    - Andrea C
  • Super delicious!

    We had our top sirloin steaks last night and they were fantastic... super delicious!
    - Scott & Maggie T
  • So flavorful

    What a difference between the beef we usually buy at a grocery store and this delicious cut from a local rancher. So fresh, so tender, so flavorful!
    - Heidi Hamel
  • Delicious broth!

    Picked up some of your broth & bouillon & it was so delicious! I made soup with it. Can't wait to buy more!
    - Sarah S
  • SOOO Much Flavor!

    We love Dot Seven Beef as every cut has soooo much flavor and just melts in your mouth!
    - Josh L
  • Love this beef!

    Love the beef. Nothing beats it when it comes to flavor. I need to order more!
    - Victor A
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